How to…set an irrigation controller

Spring has sprung and those of you with irrigation systems know it is almost time to be setting your programs on your irrigation controllers. We know it can be hard to remember the steps when you only have to do it once a year, so we worked with one of our irrigation specialists (who has been with EPIC for 24 years) to create videos that walk you through the process.

Below you will find two tutorials for the irrigation systems we install and maintain at EPIC–Hunter and Rain Bird.

Both videos cover the following:

  • Setting day and time
  • Setting start times
  • Setting run times
  • Manual starts
  • Special features

You will find a breakdown of topics, or chapters if you will, as you run your cursor over the timeline in the video (this may help you navigate quickly to the question you are trying to answer.)

Hunter Pro-C

Rain Bird ESP-ME

If there are other topics or more specific videos we could make to assist you in creating your dream outdoor living environment, we would love to hear from you. Send your ideas to or leave a comment below.

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